Steve Heine

I’m the eighth of nine kids, the second-born of identical twins and the father of two smart, beautiful daughters. A late-bloomer, I returned to school as an older student and graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Architecture. I opened my studio, Cranium Glass, in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1998.

I’m fascinated by the interaction of color, light and shadow. My focus: distinctive, thoughtful designs, remarkable materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

My work is primarily commissioned by individual and corporate clients.

I’ve created work for many homes and a diverse range of corporate clients including the Marriott AC NuLu Hotel, Decca Restaurant, Jewish Hospital Medical Center South, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, Sacred Heart Schools Ursuline Arts Center, and the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and Faulkner Real Estate.

I’ve received past support from the Kentucky Arts Council and the Great Meadows Foundation.

If you're interested in talking about commissioned work, just call or e-mail me—we can begin a conversation.

You can reach me at 502.931.7564 or